1957  Born Yamanashi

2005  President of International Artists Exchange Exhibition



1984   B.A.  Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo

2007-08  Program of Overseas of Japanese Government

               California State University Bakersfield,  Researcher

Awards & Grants Received

2014  Pio Monte della Misericordia Dedication Napoli ITALIA

          The Osano Memorial Foundation Grant

2007-08  Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japanese Government

2002-12  Yamanashi mecenat Foundation, Corporate Grant

2001   Ooki Foundation Grant

1994   Fukuoka City Public Art Award

1991   Kofu City Public Art Award

One Person  Exhibitions (extract)

2015  Myokoen Gallery    Nagoya  Japan

2014 Pio Monte della Misericordia  Napoli ITALIA

          Villa di Donato -ART1307  Napoli ITALIA

          Makii Masaru Fine Arts  Tokyo

          Sakuragi Fine Arts  Tokyo

          Gallery Ansei   Fukuoka

2013  LA Artcore Brewery Annex   Los Angeles  USA

2012  i Gallery DC ,Yamanashi

2010  Koshundo Gallery,Yamanashi

2008  LA Artcore Brewery Annex  Los Angeles  USA  

           Evolving Gallery  San Francisco  USA                       

2007  Gallery Iraka  Yamanashi

          Gallery Kingyo  Tokyo

          LA Artcore Union Center for the Arts   Los Angeles  USA

2005  Makii Masaru Fine Arts  Tokyo

          Gallery Iraka  Yamanashi

          Hanakatei Gallery  Yamanashi

          GALLERY ECHO  Yamanashi Pref. Museum

          Gallery Kingyo  Tokyo

2004  LA Artcore Union Center for the Arts   Los Angeles  USA

          Gallery Kingyo , Tokyo

2003  Open Studio  Los Angeles USA

2002  Yamanashi Pref. Museum

2000  Yamanashi Pref. Museum

Group Exhibitions (extract)


2015  “Space of restructuration”  Maruzen Gallery  Marunouchi Tokyo

            3rd Int’l Exchange Show US-JP Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

2014  Jazz Live Collaboration at Bonappetit    Nakanobu  Tokyo

           2 nd Art Fair Sapporo   Cross Hotel  Sapporo  Hokkaido

2013  9th Int’l. Art Festival   Bangkok/Naresuan Univ. Phisanulok  Thailand

         "reclaim" Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum/ Sakuragi Fine Arts     

2012    "Minazuki no Mizu" Makii Masaru Fine Arts Tokyo

             Art Platform- Los Angeles Int’l Art Fair,    Santa Monica USA

            "Still Autumn" Makii Masaru Fine Arts Tokyo

2011    7th Int’l Art Festival   Bangkok/Burapha Univ. Chonburi   Thailand

             East Japan great earthquake disaster charity art show  Koshundo Gallery

2010    "Sulle  tracce di Luca Giordanoacce"Villa Bruno in San Giorgio Napoli  Italy

          "Ethnic diverse artists of Southern California"   LA ARTCORE  LA.  USA

           ”OVER TONE”  Int’l Art Show Kanagawa Pref. Hall  Yokohama

2009  2nd US-JP Exchange Show  Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum/ Makii Masaru Fine Arts     

           LA ARTCORE LosAngeles USA  (Artist & Organizer)

           5th Int’l Art Festival Chiang Rai Univ./ Bangkok  Thailand

           The Queen's Gallery Int’l Art  Festival 2009/ Bangkok  Thailand

           The Greater Mekong Sub-region Art sans Frontiers 2009/ Luang Phrabang  Laos

2008  'NEAR WEST' Makii Masaru Fine Arts  Tokyo (Artist & Organizer)

2007  San Luis Obispo Art Center, San Luis Obispo, CA USA

           Bakersfield College Jones Gallery Bakersfield, CA USA

           1st US-JP Exchange Show  Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum/Gallery Kingyo

           LA ARTCORE LosAngeles USA  (Artist & Organizer)

2006   Kofu City Hall Gallery, Yamanashi

           Andrewshire Gallery  Los Angeles USA

           International Art Show  Bangkok / Pathumthani  Thailand

           Gallery Goto 3 person show  Tokyo

2004   Don O'Melveny Gallery   W.Hollywood  USA

2003   Lotus Gallery  Los Angeles USA

           Gallery DAN  Melrose 2 person show Los Angeles USA

2002   LA Artcore Gallery, "Time to believe" Los Angeles USA

1991   Selected New Artists(’96, ’98)  Yamanashi Pref. Museum

1990~14 ‘Origin’  Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

1988~09 ‘Praxis’  Yamanashi Pref. Museum

1984~05 New art~Now Here’ Yamanashi Pref. Museum

Corporate and Public  Art Placements (extract)

Hotel Gran Paradiso Sorrent Italia

Pio Monte della Misericordia   Napoli Italia

Clark Center for Japanese Art & Culture  Hanford  California USA

Minneapolis Institute of Arts Minneapolis Minnesota USA

Taylor Institute   New York USA

Royal Queen's Gallery  Bangkok Thailand

Yamanashi Pref. Museum

Grand Hyatt Tokyo Hotel  Roppongi  Tokyo

Sheraton Hotel   Hiroshima

Sheraton Hotel   Riyadh  Saudi Arabia

XIV ARIMA-Rikyu,  Arima  Hyogo 

Kinparo  Kinosaki Hiyoriyama  Hotel  Hyogo

Lily Residence   Bangkok Thailand

Kofu 1st High School  Yamanashi

Isawa High School   Yamanashi

Danrokan Hotel  Kofu Yamanashi

Fujiya Hotel  Kofu Yamanashi   

Sumitomo Izumi Nishi Shinjuku Bldg. Tokyo

Nautilus Club  Akasaka/Ochanomizu

Villa-fontaine Hotel  Shinsaibashi Osaka/Hakozaki Tokyo

Fukuoka Diamond Build. Public Art Award  Fukuoka

Bunka Gakuen Univ. & Fashion Institute, Tokyo / Nagano

Rosea Isawa, Rosea Fuefuki    Yamanashi

Gallery IRAKA  Yamanashi

Kyosai Hospital   Yamanashi

Poh-chang Acad. Bangkok, Phathun Thani  Univ., Chiang Rai Univ., Burhapa Univ.

Naresuan Univ.,  Thai 

Luang Prabang Univ.   Luang Prabang   Laos

Statement for The traveling Canvas                                         

Once Mark Rothko said that the painting should ignore the individual trifling memory for the universality of the painting itself. On the other hand, I think that we can create the universality by weaving trifling memory which is deep inside of the individual.

I think that this might be a different root toward the same goal.

This project is the new trial that can be established by technology of this century and a human relationship, and I am interested in it very much.

I search the inner world of my accumulated personal memories of visual experiences which I bring to life through my landscape-series as many other contemporary artists express the world from a unique individual perspective. However, it is said by viewers and collectors of my landscapes that there is a universality that is expressed in my work as well as my unique inner personal visual memories of the world traveled, observed, and experienced by me.

The universality view of the painting expressed by observers does not reflect or my unique expression of my personal visualized memory expressed in my paintings by each unique brush stroke, color palate used, or reflections of light as sky and land shapes meet at the horizon point. Universality should be but a brief trifling moment in the viewing of my contemporary landscape series.

But, when I produce landscapes perceived by others as universal in expression, elements or overall content by a contemporary or traditional art medium methodology in pursuit of personal visions residing within my memory---they are not pure of visual influence and compromise, just like my everyday life.

My sight, my sense of touch, and my sense of smell impact my self-expression brought out in my landscapes. All of my senses are unique to me but are also universal to mankind and influenced and impacted by the experiences that surround me and shared by others, are thereby universal.

In other words, I believe that human beings visual experiences can be resonated with others in deep fundamental place, such as when something unique in form or visual content detail in my painting might touch at the heart of the person seeing it, my work is complete by human connection to my visual expression.

 May 28 2016

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